Carlos G R Lets His Keys Do The Talking

Carlos G R Lets His Keys Do The TalkingCarlos G R lets his keys do all the talking when it comes to his music. Much like Dave Koz, Carlos G R puts his best foot forward without the use of lyrics. “Love Conquers All” is a soft piano driven song that had moments of hope dispersed throughout some heartfelt playing. You could imagine this song playing throughout the pivotal moments in a Nora Ephron movie. It captures the idea of love in song; the beauty and the sadness all rolled up into what can only be explained and the reality of what love it. Love is both good time and bad, it’s up and then it’s down, but no matter what, love does indeed conquer all. Whether it’s the love between a parent and their child, between friends or the emotional connection found between lovers. Carlos G R captures that wonderfully in his piano clad “Love Conquers All.” If you like instrumentation to tell the story, then check out Carlos G R. (