Tammy Collins Reaches High

Tammy Collins Reaches HighTammy Collins is a woman who knows her worth, but also knows the worth of Jesus Christ. She takes the gospel word and puts a R&B/pop twist on it in her music that’s sure put an extra push in any church service. In “Glory” she says that because of Jesus’ glory, she wants to share her story with the world. Collins obviously went through some pretty heavy stuff and then found solace in the lord, and this song is a clear thank you to the man up above. In “Brotha Man” she asks who he is, but then goes on about being born again. One can assume this is about having to leave behind the people in her past that are triggers for a life that she doesn’t want anymore. It’s more a monologue put to song, rather than a song. If you’re into music that reaches a higher power, check out Tammy Collins. (https://www.jango.com/music/TAMMYC?l=0)