Cassandra Llea Pops

Cassandra Llea PopsRelationships, everyone will have at least one in their lifetime. They are a lot of hard work and when times are good you get songs like Britney Spears I’m A Slave 4 U, but when times are bad, well that is when you get Cassandra Lleas Promise. See, the tale in Promise is one that most can relate to. It is when the two in the relationship grow apart from their starting point and/or are just too different to work. Cassandra is singing that she is a girl who likes to go out and have fun, while the boyfriend (likely to be an ex) is as interesting as a rock. He is satisfied with a couch and a TV, while she cannot stand to be home and wants to go out and enjoy life while she is young and can. So there you have it, the jest of the track. As for the music, Britney was mentioned because Cassandra could be compared to Britney in her later years. So less bubblegum, more oomph in her pop performance with a knack for making you move on the dance floors. Dance music with a pop influence that is what we will say Cassandra Llea is. So if you like to dance, have a partner who needs a hint or just want a new artist in your life, check out Cassandra Llea now. (