David Bradshaw and Instrumental Delights

David Bradshaw and Instrumental DelightsPeople often forget that one of the truest forms of music is that that has no words. Instrumental music is so powerful that it can evoke emotion without telling you how to feel. Musicians like David Bradshaw recognize that and that is why is creates musical landscapes of sound with just an instrument at hand. Sometimes things can get a little funky, but that is a good thing when it comes to songs like Stupid Funk which is a great jazz inspired track and Simply Funky. David can also paint a scene with sound, like a new day with Morning Mist, the medieval times with Sontata or a mothers love with Mama. David also has the gift of taking classical and fusing it with a more modern genre. Take Feel Like Making Love and Take It Slow for example. Both utilize classical elements while bringing to life a spin on R&B music. It is sensual and classy all at the same time. Instrumental music allows you to escape from the burdens of reality. David Bradshaw knows that and that is why he made tracks like Mellow Out and In the Middle. One could get lost for days in those two. If you are into music that is heavy on the instrumentation of pianos and more, and like artists like Jamie Mitges, then check out David Bradshaw and learn to listen, relax and enjoy with his music. (https://soundcloud.com/dave90713)