Kyle Rowe is a Triple Threat

Just last week I wanted to reach out to people who consistently upload cover songs to YouTube and interview them. I do not know why, just seemed like a good idea. Then I got bombarded down by other things, and that fell through. So I am glad that I can at least tell you about one avid YouTube uploaded right now, Kyle Rowe. He is a clean cut face who any one would love their kid to bring home for dinner. Kyle has that American Idol, or shall we say Canadian Idol, good looks. Yes, he is from Canada, eh! So he could have won Idol with a guitar and those looks, but can he sing? You better believe it. With a palate that showcases variety on his page, you can hear the talent oozing out of Kyle Rowe. From Otis Redding to Jimmy Eat World and then over to City and Colour, Kyle manages to bring his singer/songwriter feel to each song. If you like artists like Phillip Phillips and Matt Nathanson, then check out Kyle Rowe. (