Catalyzing Inward Reflection through Spiritual New Age Rhythms: Simba Jesus Christ Unveils New Single

Coupled with TK’sPlayday on production, dynamic artist Simba Jesus Christ takes listeners into the depths of spiritual awakening, prompting contemplation.

Louisville, ky — January 19th , 2022- Simba Jesus Christ represents the mind behind a vibrant and soulful new musical movement. Inspiring listeners to take a deep look inside their own selves, the talented powerhouse crafts musical compositions that are both intriguing, memorable, and impactful.

With his meaningful new single titled, “Listen to Something”, the artist is motivating audiences to discover answers to their pressing questions by an inward retrospective journey. With unique and promising musical style, the artist inspires listeners to embrace spirituality- something which he draws his influences and life inspiration from. Seeking out what you truly believe in your heart is what matters most to Simba Jesus Christ, and it is this goal that he hopes to achieve with his music.

“Listen to Something” was released on January 8th , 2022, and has been produced By TK’s Playday. The single also features budding talent, Mrs. S. The single forms a stepping stone towards Simba Jesus Christ’s upcoming new album, ‘The Conduit’.

With his new single and forthcoming album, the eclectic artist imparts the crucial message that our material selves are but conduits in the spiritual world we all live in. Confident that music inspires listeners to have the motivation to seek out what they truly believe in their heart, the talented powerhouse is driven to touch minds and souls with his creative process.

“What motivates me as an artist is people. Without others to share with, I believe the world wouldn’t be worth living in. Which is why I included the track “Listen to Something Ft. Mrs. S.” in the new album, as she is the person, I share everything this world has to offer with,” says the artist regarding his new single.

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Lighting the sparks of spirituality among listeners, Simba Jesus Christ is a truly unique face in the music industry. Beginning his journey as a musical artist little over an year ago, the prolific artist draws his inspiration from spirituality.

With a driving goal to simply have people understand his experiences as a crucial conduit for Heaven and Hell, Simba Jesus Christ wishes to impart spiritual truths through his talents. He staunchly believes that having spirituality is believing in your own experiences where even religion comes from spirituality as people believe in an experience someone else had or is having.

Having faced an array of trials and troubles throughout his life trajectory, such as being convicted of things he was forcefully made to plead guilty to, the artist has spent much time in introspection. Following his own spiritual awakening which made him self-actualize and recognize his own shortcomings, Simba hopes to create for the world a medium of music that is sonically pleasing and spiritually momentous.


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