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Andrex Montenegro Presents British Rock Perfection With Latest Release

‘Musas’ Is Available Now 


Madrid, Spain – June 12, 2020 – Andrex Montenegro showed strong musical inclinations from an early age. His father is a violin teacher. He started as a violin student with his father, but his growing interest in music made him take courses on different musical instruments. 

He attended primary and secondary and his growing curiosity about the enigma of life made him enroll in the Chair of Philosophy. He tried in vain to find an oasis of rest for human beings and for himself and to solve the problems of existing. As a guitarist, keyboard player, and drummer he was part of several bands in various countries such as Spain, Germany, Belgium, England, and the Netherlands. Andrex also worked on cruises, having the opportunity to know the world and to travel the seas. He also wo

Briefcase Brothas Management Make Big Moves In 2020 

Management Company Works To Improve Music and Community 


Lexington, Kentucky – June 12, 2020 – Briefcase Brothas Management takes hip hop to new heights with the release of their company’s collaborative effort, ‘Straight out of the Briefcase,’ available now on all major music and streaming sites. 

‘Straight out of the Briefcase’ features a wonderful array of Briefcase Brothas’ roster including ReeRee Gold, Big Vonno, Dezire, and many more. This eight-track album showcases the finest rap skills on songs that really grasp a wide variety of hip hop styles and skills from the album’s first pair of singles “Dirty Love” and “Secrets” to songs like “Where My Baby Mamma At” to Ova Due and Crutch’s “Gloves Up Guns Down Round 2” which opens the record with a bang. This is the fir

TL Total Life Presents Acoustic Charm On Debut

‘Coming Back’ Available Now 


Buenos Aires, Argentina – June 12, 2020 – Gerardo Loidi spent his life always in love and creating music, but spent his days doing more traditional jobs. Now he’s ready to take charge with his TL Total Life debut, ‘Coming Back.’ 

‘Coming Back’ features the lead single, “A Great Life,” among eight others that show who TL Total Life is as an artist; a grand storyteller. With a sound that is reminiscent of great American songwriters like Dylan and The Eagles, there’s a sense of nostalgia in his voice. Nostalgia and heart. Songs like “A Great Love,” “Ocean Tides,” and “The Wagon Train” will invigorate music lovers from around the world. And those who like what they hear are in luck because TL Total Life has announced he’s preparing for the rel

KDS Teams Up Internationally For Latest Single 

“Good Life” With SHYNBEST and SayMyName Out Now 


Terrytown, Louisiana – June 12, 2020 – It is not every day someone from the likes of Louisiana releases a song they worked on alongside an artist and producer from Nigeria, but that’s the reality for KDS. The rapper, lyricist, and entrepreneur utilized modern-day advances to put together “Good Life,” alongside fellow artist SHYNBEST, and producer SayMyName. “Good Life” is available now on all major music and streaming sites. 

In 2019 KDS released the wonderfully put together ‘Abstract Art.’ This year he is focusing on taking things to a new level by collaborating with an artist, and producer who are both far from local. He went international with it for “Good Life.” Their 2020 single is a collaborative effort by KDS who resides

Introducing The Eclectic Sounds Of Cowboy 

New Music Available Now


Newport Beach, California – June 12, 2020 – If there was a cornucopia of sound, Cowboy would be the creator. With styles that range from pop to country to rock and roll, there isn’t anything this Southern California music maker can’t do. With a handful of songs out now and two albums worth waiting to be released, there is no shortage of entertainment coming from Cowboy’s direction. 

While Cowboy dives deep into other genres be it pop or rock, there always seems to be a baseline of Country at the heart of his music. As a storyteller, that is not surprising. It’s also something many of his fans around the world have come to love as four of his singles have been celebrated around the globe thanks to the wonderful world of internet radio. “Show Me You Love Me,” “No F

WANE Classic Presents The Latest Single From Phreeboy 

“Pum Pum” Available Now 


Alberta, Canada – June 12, 2020 – Every year has significant competition when it comes to being proclaimed as a true Summer Anthem, but if Phreeboy has anything to say, it’s going to be his latest single, “Pum Pum.” 

Do I know what “Pum Pum” is? No, but it doesn’t matter because all I want to do is have Phreeboy on repeat as I take in whatever outside time I can get in 2020. It’s a great song that allocates itself to everything from an at-home workout to a kickback with your closest friends. “Pum Pum” isn’t just Phreeboy’s latest single, but the lead single from his second EP, ‘Last Try: Attempt 2,’ which will be dropping soon.

Sundays in church are where Phreeboy’s love of music is rooted. He