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Ro66 Drops His Latest Single Of 2020 In Support Of Black Lives Matter

‘BLM’ Available Now 


Hamilton, Ohio – June 17, 2020 – After the death of Trayvon Martin led to his killer not winding up behind bars, the Black Lives Matter movement began. Since then it’s grown into an inspired international movement. Come 2020, with tensions higher than ever, Black Lives Matter is getting more help than ever with people from all walks of life doing what they can to spread awareness. Whether it’s making a sign or making a song. The latter is what Ohio’s Ro66 was inspired to do with his latest single, “BLM.” 

“BLM” is a great homage to the movement, as well as a great piece of music to add to one’s hip hop playlists. His tenth single of 2020, “BLM” follows a cascade of heavy hitters including “Get It,” “Phony Friends,” and his debut “Rock Right No

Etare Neged Takes Listeners On A Dystopian Ride With ‘Post-Apocalypse’

New Hip Hop Album Out Soon 


Chicago, Illinois – June 17, 2020 – Etare Neged is on the verge of releasing the next chapter in his timeless saga, ‘Post-Apocalypse.’ Before it drops, the third single and title track will get the video treatment when it drops on June 23, 2020. 

Imagine this. It’s 30 years from now. The world is in shambles, and Etare Neged is your only hope as he navigates between the dystopian realm on earth and an alternate reality known as OverHorde. The fifth release from Etare Neged continues this tale in this hip hop meets thrilling sci-fi. Fans will get to hear and even see a piece of what’s to come with the animated video for the album’s title track, “Post-Apocalypse.’ This is the final chapter in this whirlwind adventure set to music. 

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