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The Jerry Banks Project Delivers Uplifting Charm With Latest Single 

New Gospel Single, “We Need a Word,” Available No


Jacksonville, Florida – June 8, 2020 – The Jerry Banks Project gives way to gospel music that is more than one expects. With a little funk tossed into the mix, “We Need a Word,” is both a positive note to the world as well as an entertaining gem. 

The best part of “We Need a Word” is that it’s unexpected. When one hears the term gospel, they have a sound already in their head, but The Jerry Banks Project takes that idea and elevates it by giving the latest single a wonderful twist that pays homage to the funk and soul that breathed life into the music industry, and the world, in the 1970s. On top of that, the lyrics come from a place of love and act as audible guidance for those who are lost. Jerry Banks notes, “This song was written

Philly’s Best Kept Secret

Philadelphia, PA (Philadelphia County) — Monday, June 1st, 2020 — Jeray D. Richardson (also known as Aye Dot) is an American rapper and songwriter. Born and raised in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, he embarked on his musical career as a teenager entering in numerous rap battles and local performances, releasing multiple mixtapes that garnered local attention and led to him starting his independent label Major Rapp Records.

His latest mixtape (It Ain’t My Beat Vol .1) is the first installment to a series of self-explanatory mixtapes he plans to release in the near future. It will be available 6/1/2020  for streaming and download on (datpiff, and sound cloud). He has other releases as well from previous years which can be found on all streaming platforms.

“I won’t die until I touch a million or I’m Multi, or I, stand next to the greatest of all Time”

It Aint My Beat Vol.1 HOSTED

Florida Rapper Yourstru Bigga’s New Single Takes Its Title From A Classic 90’s Film

Tampa, Florida — Tuesday, May 26th, 2020Groundhog Day, the latest single from Tampa Florida native Yourstru Bigga, not only borrows its name from the 1993 classic film but also its theme of one man living a recurring day over and over again.  However, in this version, the song’s catchy hook breaks the day’s actions down to a simplified routine, Wake up. Get money. Repeat.   This is the first offering from his upcoming project entitled, Undercover Bo$$, due out this summer from UndaSound Intertainment.

Yourstru Bigga brings the summer in with his smash new single,  Groundhog Day.  This is the first song from Undercover Bo$$, his latest release from UndaSound Intertainment.  This song has a simple, catchy hook accompanied by a hard-hitting track from up-and-coming producer RJ Banks.  Groundhog Day is set to hit online stores on May 26th.

Groundhog Day is a song for the hustlers, the

Average Joe The Only Artist Telling A Real True Country/Hip Hop Story About Everything That Is Going On in Today’s World 1st To Diss 6ix9ine On A Actual Track, Calls Out The Government, And Runs Biden Over With A Bus All While Conveying 2nd Amendment Rights. .

Glendale, AZ, Maricopa — Thursday, May 28th, 2020 — Average Joe is telling it how it is for sure. Most music nowadays is lacking in substance and has no real message. He comes right out and says that he used to be a drug addict. Talks about how the quarantine has effected him “Posted up watching Tiger King on dat dem der Netflix!” This artist has a sense of humor, and also speaks the truth. This is also a very unique sound with a slamming hip hop beat, and a country artist rapping over the top of it! When did country music get Bars, and did a country artist just call out 6ix9ine, and throw the Democratic Party under the bus? People are asking.

This song is an American Anthem and truly promotes the 2nd amendment. Wouldn’t get on this artist’s bad side because he will put it in a song, and tell the world!  He is bringing the truth to light in a very creative way through music with substance. You can immediately listen to Middle Fing

“Santa” James Zyla Singer/Songwriter and Piano Musician

Ontario, California — Monday, June 1st, 2020 — “Santa” James Zyla is a Singer/Songwriter and Piano Musician that grew up in England, then came to Hollywood. He played music and sang in Clubs, Restaurants, and Bars in England and then in California, Nevada, and Arizona to standing room only crowds. With a following of over 10,000 Fans and Friends, he regularly broadcasts his music on Facebook on James Zyla’s Internet Piano Bahn, and on YouTube on his “Santa” James Channel.  “Santa” James is the consummate Entertainer, with a song, a poem, a joke, and a hug for all that he meets! With a photographic memory, he wins the hearts of his fans.

“Santa” James has written and recorded over 50 songs and would like to share his songs with upcoming artists that need a hit.  His talent is genuine, and his keyboarding skills were honed over 62 years in the music industry.  His music is upbeat, and he can share emo

Trezdamirra Heads For The Top With New Single 

New Hip Hop Single, “The Rocketeer,” Available Now


Jackson, Tennessee – June 8, 2020 – When it comes to going above and beyond, there are very few doing it like Tennessee’s own Trezdamirra, and his latest single, “The Rocketeer,” proves just that. 

From the press of play, listeners are engulfed in the world Trezdamirra creates with his no-frills approach. He doesn’t rely on spectacles or all the bells and whistles to make his music shine. He doesn’t have to. Unlike those that do, his artistry is genuine and it shows within not only the confines of “The Rocketeer,” but throughout the entirety of his catalog spanning all the back to 2013 with “Let Me See It” featuring the always masterful Ghost. Since “The Rocketeer” dropped on Trezdamirra’s Tennessee Worldwide Musicgroup, it