Celebrate a Year of Music by el Hashem

el Hashem sets out to melodically mark this year as his with multiple releases

Toronto, Canada – March 2021 – Lebanese singer el Hashem has big musical plans for 2021. Starting with a debut singles-combo set covering Azez Alaya and Self Control, produced by DJ Pluto, el Hashem plans to release combo sets through spring, summer, and autumn, before the release of his double album.

Creating magic and memories together in the Dance, LGBT, and World genres, el Hashem’s double album ‘Zakerat | Memories’, featuring original tunes as well as covers will release later this year. With ‘Zakerat | Memories’, el Hashem invites listeners to, “celebrate the music together…relive the memories together.” Having grown up feeling “different” from those around him, el Hashem has always wanted to create a world full of things that can bring joy and enjoyment to people. His creative streak helped him develop a successful career in media. He has made an impact on the business community, LGBTQ+ community, activism, and enjoys an ongoing career as a talk show host.

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Born in Kuwait, Antoine Elhashem, or el Hashem, has lived in Toronto, Canada since the age of 19.
Influenced by his aunts, who were popular on the Arab music scene, has loved to sing since he was a child.
He only recently took the leap into singing professionally: Facebook videos of him singing led DJ Pluto to approach him to collaborate on creating music together.



Name: el Hashem
Email: [email protected]



Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/artist/089yiFedZ9KttoHhxsfLpW?si=660lDTgyTTem8a6Pv7U5Kg
Facebook: http://Www.Facebook.com/elhashemmusic
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