Chadi da Rapster

Chadi da RapsterWritten by
Dylan Gallagher

Chadi is a rap and hip-hop artist with tons of soul, talent, and a great personality. He’s all about getting his music out there and wants everyone to listen to his unique new sound. He has a great product that really just needs distribution. Chadi’s songs have professional quality and are full of emotion. He also has a great understanding of a beat and rhythm. If you need someone to write music in the hip-hop and R&B genre, then Chadi is also your guy, saying on his website, “If you are looking for new music tracks to write to in the genres of hip hop or R&B, looking to bring some life to your song and need it remixed or rearranged musically, or looking to remix one of the songs you hear on [my] website, then please contact me.” Chadi is open for business, and his product is fresh, poppin, and ready to go.

His song “The One” is a great first song to listen to because it has great quality, sweet lyrics, and pretty decent beats. The piano parts for “The One” are exquisite, as well, and truly show his talent as a keyboardist. “How It Work” is a song with a real phat beat and super cool sonic effects. Chadi’s lyrics are dirty, and make you really want a woman to “show you how it work.” Other songs by Chadi that you won’t want to miss are “Wax On,” “That Dude,” and “Betta Man.” All of his songs have great rhythms and beats, and his piano is astounding.

To learn more about Chadi or to hire him for some mixing or songwriting, then visit his site. Make music and be merry: