Find Your Inner Child With Bill Crosby

Find Your Inner Child With Bill Crosby Written by
Dylan Gallagher

Do you want some fun, childish, but all around good rock and roll and folk music? Bill Crosby has formed in the Nashville, TN scene with some great work under his belt. He has three albums’ worth of music, and though the songs may seem kid related, they all display the unique and colorful imagination of a talented musician. The three albums are titled Boomerang Orangutan, The Peanut Butter Fish, and I Have A Pet Snail respectively. Bill Crosby’s songs have a distinct sense of humor about them, as well, that I find particularly charming. With song titles like Jamaican Bacon, No Sponges, and Dust Bunny, it is obvious that Bill Crosby has fun with his music and intends for his audience to have fun, as well.

The song Big Pig is pretty literal, as Crosby sings about a big pig. His acoustic guitar is very well played and has great melodies throughout the different songs on his albums. The lyrics in No Sponges talk about how messy our kitchens would be without sponges. No Sponges also uses a cool sounding horn bit, as well, that really makes it stand out even more from his other absurd, yet entertaining songs. Bill Crosby uses a great range of instruments in his songs, but all of them are headed by Crosby’s folky acoustic guitar. The song Pet Snail makes for good fun, as well. If you don’t like Bill Crosby’s music, your kids certainly will.

Bill Crosby’ set of songs are all worth listening to, if not for your love of music, then at least for pure entertainment value. If you’re interested, then hit up his website and download his music:

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