Chilling Out with Gabby Washington

Gabby Washington ReviewGabby Washington resides out in Mesa, and to beat the heat creates music that soothes. “Forget It Existed” takes a new approach to soul and R&B. It’s a little robotic at times, experimental if you will. The R&B continues with “Chil Beat.” Rightfully titled, this track is all about taking a chill pill and kicking back. You could hear an artist like Rihanna or even Demi Lovato with her new style, laying some lyrics on top of this. Words are back with “Sober.” It sounds like it sampled Ginuwine’s “Pony” at times, but maybe that’s just the “Magic Mike” commercials being relevant right now. This is the place Gabby needs to stay. It showcased talent the best and really stood out as memorable. If you’re into artists like RiRi and J Cole, check out what Gabby Washington’s creating. (