Terry Logan: Classifieds

Terry Logan ReviewA fast learner, Terry Logan took on the guitar when he was younger and is now a master of the craft. His latest album “Classifieds” blends cultures seamlessly. “The Year After” has a Latin flare but the spirit of a Jazz band as the spontaneity runs free. In “U & Me (Be Mine)” Logan’s voice comes through like a cool cat. You can just envision him in a smoky nightclub in the middle of a set, playing to a crowd hanging off every sound. Logan continues giving us that vibe with “On Broadway.” While in “What R-U Looking At” he builds suspense, and in “CodeNameTopSecret” he ups the energy with his pals Bob Mclaren, Dave Restivo, Brendan Davis. Those who love the flare of Latin music but the improvisation of jazz, will love Logan so check out “Classifieds,” out now. (https://www.musicsubmit.com/ClientLogin/ArtistSubmission.cfm?BN=91020)