Christian Music The John Henry Harvey Way

John Henry Harvey ReviewJohn Henry Harvey is a man of the lord but does things his way instead of the conventional way at times. “Jesus Never Tapped Out” has a funky rock sound. Just seeing the title, you’d assume that it was this very church, choir-like song but instead it has a very modern feel and would appeal to even the secular crowd. We go back to the pews with “Blessed Are.” It’s a switch from where we started but it’s nice to hear a more traditional sound tossed in the mix. We started out with some rock, went into obvious Christian based and then headed into Country with “God’s Pretty Little Girl.” It’s clear that Harvey doesn’t like to stay pigeonholed into one type of music because as we roll on “Sailing On” and it’s Country ways that intertwine with a more singer-songwriter feel. We finish this off with “Sparrow.” What’s great about ending on this note is that it has this very cool Jazz-like intro that welcomes you in and doesn’t want you to head out until the very end. If you like Christian music that has more to offer than the traditional sense, check out John Henry Harvey today. (

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  • Thank You IMR and Kendra for an AWESOME review! It is true, I like all styles of music so when I write I choose a style I am most at home with. I like to keep it real. I also hail from S. Jersey with lots of musical soulful influences! One Day I was driving and saw a sticker on a vehicle in front of me that read “Jesus Never Tapped”…….All of a sudden I understood about Jesus…….I had to pull off the road and compose myself…. I turned my life over to Jesus at that moment….I wrote the song and played it for my Vets at the Hospital….They loved it . So I recorded it and got picked up by Tate Music Group. My Mission is to spread love and the Gospel! Raise awareness and resources for the less fortunate! Buying my CD will help further my ministry! God Bless youz all! John Henry Harvey Tate Music

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