Shannon Matter Coasts

Shannon Matter CoastsAnyone can tell what era Shannon Matter likes to call home when it comes to her musical style. It’s taken from the days when peace and love were apparent in the air and artists like Janis Joplin were rising in the ranks. Matter ties in old school elements and barely tinkers with them. Her sound could be played in the tape deck of a Chevy as it’s gritty and timeless all at the same time. Songs like “Aware on Burnaby Mountain” capture the echo of someone who has lost their way in the hills, a maples wanderer with only a song. “Inside Out” is an upbeat track white “Starseeds” could use a little work to be stronger in the vocal department. It seems her strengths lay within the water though as “Off to Surf” was good, but “By The Shore” was her best. Shannon Matter should stick to the coastal route and let the ocean breeze flow through her because that’s where they glides high. (