Passage Riviera Blues

Passage Riviera BluesMusic has the power to move us. That plays a huge part in why it’s the chosen choice for entertainment and recreation for many and has been for centuries. The oldest form of it though, instrumental, is timeless. You cannot begin to understand how powerful it is to be moved by a piece of music that has no words to guide it. Passage understands this with the album “Riviera Blues.” A heavenly number of tracks contain a sound that is resonant of a clear night sky in the desert. As someone who grew up with cactus right outside their window, I can stand by that. The title track sets the tone for the record overall as this soothing place that brings peace of mind. The following songs like “San Jose” and “Til We Meet Again” each contain aspects that make them unique but have this base that sounds like a New Mexico, adobe landscape. If you’re into music that eases the mind why captivating, then check out Passage’s “Riviera Blues,” out now. (