Edison Jimenez Reigns for the Lord

Edison Jimenez Reigns for the LordThere are many reasons to pick up music and make something of it. For Edison Jimenez, it’s a higher power that called to him. He was given the rights to record in 2012 and took it and has been going ever since. Along with singing, Edison leads worship every week and appreciates the life he has, “It is truly humbling when you hear a collective audience singing as one for The One. I hope to continue to produce genuine music to guide others to an unforgettable worship experience with God.” His song, “Jesus You Reign (In My Life)” is an uplifting attribution that everyone should take a minute to listen to. I say a minute because that’s how long it is, well a minute a handful of seconds. It’s worth the time because if you need a positive thing in your life, check it out. Followers of the Lord should definitely check out Edison Jimenez. (https://www.noisetrade.com/ejimenez)