Wolkskill’s Musical Modern Art

Wolkskill's Musical Modern ArtWhat do you get when you take a dream landscape, robots and a haunting voice? You get Shayna Gianas, otherwise known as Wolfskill. The San Diego artist takes these avant-garde ideas and strings them together to make music that would likely be heard in a nighttime sequence in a movie, or in a museum while patrons walked around a modern art exhibit. It’s got this artsy feel to it that screams softly with songs like “Still Skin” and ‘the most contemporary of the bunch, “Free.” Then Wolfskill gets mechanical with “Go-Bot” which is literally about being a robot and “Robots in Disguise” which was overall a good song, but not as ear grabbing at the other robot one. If you had to place this artist’s music on a spectrum amongst others, it’d likely fall somewhere between electro-pop due to “Pay Out” and eccentric art school music thanks to “Lost Ditty.” If you’re into the obscure then don’t go too far and check out Wolfskill for yourself. (https://soundcloud.com/wolfskills)