97 Grenade Does Punk The Right Way

97 Grenade Does Punk The Right Way97 Grenade is a trio of punks who combine their appreciation for the anarchist musical movement with likes of metal riffs and hardcore breakdowns. With only a handful of songs to judge them on, it’s not hard to hear where they’re going for. “The Fashion Show” is a clear shot at being an individual and not wanting to be part of the norm – no matter what. Why look like everyone else when you can be yourself, right? “Screwball” is where you can hear that metal influence and it’s un-punk in that it might be quick and fast at the end, but the long instrumental rage that leads into the bursts of spattered lyrics are more metal than punk. The energy doesn’t stop with “Out of Body Experience” and then things wrap up nicely with “Buzzkill!” Three guys who want to show the world what they got when it comes to punk – let them show you before they just say, screw it and show you anyways. (https://www.reverbnation.com/97grenade)