The Wheel Within Us

The Wheel Within UsWritten by
Dylan Gallagher

The Wheel Within is a religious rock group out of Florida with a professional, creative sound. The singer’s lyrics praise the Lord, but I wonder how often people praise the singers because they certainly deserve it. The Wheel Within have grabbed hold of something more powerful than themselves and are harnessing it with the power of music for the masses. They have great guitar playing, sweet drums, and an excellent vocalist. Their calling may have come from on high, but they certainly know how to bring down the beat for the rest of us.

“Father Father” has an amazing acoustic guitar opening, and the lead singer’s voice rings out beautifully over it. “Let me do this for them, but mostly for You” the song goes, owing its pure love to God and humanity. “See Your Face” has a really cool guitar bit that picks over a strong, passionate bass line. The drums accelerate the song as it explodes into the really catchy chorus. “See Your Face” is my favorite of the lot, and you should definitely listen to it. The Wheel Within has light that shines about them in their music; I wonder where it’s coming from.

So if you are into religious rock and folk music, then check out The Wheel Within. Other songs you might want to hear are “4 Ever,” “The Wheel Within,” and “More Precious Than Gold.” Listen to more music of their music at their website: