The June Fiasco

The June FiascoWritten by
Dylan Gallagher

Coming at you from Canada is The June Fiasco, a five member in your face rock group with a sound like Foo Fighters and the fresh talent that this industry craves. The band consists of Andrew Sparks on vocals and guitar, Damian Anthony on guitar, Jeff Richardson on lead guitar, Steve Williams on bass, and RJ Fraser on drums. Their music is both pop rock at its finest and punk/grunge rock where you want it, and the lyrics are all well written and are chalk full of emotion. In terms of quality, The June Fiasco has professional production and they sound like something I would hear on the radio. I would not be surprised if they got picked up with a contract shortly. The June Fiasco has a sound that can meld with many genres of bands, making their live performances particularly satisfying.

Their song “This Is Your Life” has a beautiful melodic guitar bit over heavier, grungier rhythm guitar that melds together quite well. The lyrics are good and Andrew Sparks’s voice is strong and powerful. His performance reminds me of Tim McIlrath of Rise Against. The heavy song “Me” opens with a prevailing guitar riff and leads us into Sparks’s vocals. The drums kick in just at the right spot and make it all head into overdrive as the song picks up even more. Both these songs are worth listening to if you’re into pop/punky grunge rock.

Another song you’ll definitely want to check out is “To The End,” a slower, more melodic song than the previous two, but with just as much raw emotion and musical gravitas. Check out the band’s website to listen to their music and learn more about them. You won’t be disappointed. Find The June Fiasco here: