Joe Blessett

Blessett describes his music as flowing motion. A good example he used in his biography is the ebb and flow of night traffic – red lights on one side and white headlights on the opposite side of the road. In night traffic, everything is fluid, separate but in unison, he aptly described.
That would be the best way to describe his music. The experimentation of his music tends to fall in unison, and the entire record works through and through.

Each song has a flowing quality that will put your mind in a state of ease. No matter how stressed or tense you’re feeling, this record will break all tension within your body. If you’ve had a hard day at work, or are not getting along with your significant other, you can simply play this record and get lost in the moment. Blessett is an experimental musician delving into Jazz, R & B and Soul, and this record is the best example of his willingness to blend these genres together. And the music will reach into the depths of your very soul, and I’m not being dramatic when I say this.
If you’re looking for Blessett on stage in the near future, don’t count on it. He doesn’t do live performances.

But you don’t need to see him live to feel his music on a personal level.

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