Tectonic Plates Shake the Earth

Tectonic Plates Shake the EarthWritten by
Dylan Gallagher

Screaming their way out of obscurity, the Tectonic Plates are making a stand with their music. The Tectonic Plates are a band whose music has the soul purpose of getting your blood pumping and putting your adrenal gland on the fritz. Their heavy guitar, thumping drum rhythm, and intense vocals are sure to wake you up. The Tectonic Plates is a perfect name for this group because they really shake the earth.

The Tectonic Plates have two songs on their demo. Their first song “History on Repeat” is a screeching, angry piece of music with some of the heaviest, most screeched vocals I have ever listened to. The lead guitar plays up and down the fret board, and has some pretty awesome bits throughout the song. Their other song on their demo is called “How To Burn Bridges.” It has a similar sound quality to “History on Repeat,” but it has a sweet lead part that will literally melt your face and make your ears explode. Like. Literally. I am not joking. I’m trying not to get blood on the keyboard as I type.

What is so interesting to me about this kind of music is its audience. The majority of the public is not interested in scream-o metal music, but those that do are so into it, it can sometimes be scary. But I don’t judge. Everyone has their own interests and that’s what makes it so wonderful and special to see so many types of obscure music out there in the ether. The Tectonic Plates make a distinct and explosive earthquake in the music scene. If you want to listen to some more of their earthquakes, go here: