Sick Six Sex

Sick Six Sex Written by
Dylan Gallagher

Coming at you from Pomona, California, the band Sick Six Sex screams their way out of obscurity. They have an eclectic electronic, supersonic rock sound and consists of Michael Nero Ceasar on vocals, Justin Hellfire on guitar, Chris Sins on rhythm, Violence on bass, and Boxcar Kelley on drums. The band seems to focus their energy on angry rock songs, but don’t let that scare you away (disclaimer: these songs might actually scare young children). Sick Six Sex are legitimate and heavy rock specialists with a taste for rage filled songs and the experience to match professional musicians. Sick Six Sex certainly has a very distinct persona, one that I don’t think will easily slip through the cracks.

Their song “I’m Invisible” is an interesting, heavy rock song. Michael Nero Ceasar’s vocals are often screamed and inaudible, but their tone fits the sound that I think Sick Six Sex is really going for. They don’t want to be soft or melodic. They are bad asses who rock the house, a task they definitely accomplish.

The song “Blame” starts out with a chilling effects bit that plays as the heavy guitar and drums enter with vigorous ire. Ceasar’s lyrics take the listener for a spin as he talks about anger and hate and losing one’s soul. He tells evil people to go to hell and warns the listener not to watch their television before the demons take over. Truly, Sick Six Sex’s songs are angry and intense, but that makes them all the more entertaining.

Other songs you’ll want to check out are “Oblvious to Obvious” and “Narcotia.” You can find their music here: