Prayze S.W.A.G.: You Get What You Pay For

Written by
Dylan Gallagher

Prayze S.W.A.G. is not only a band, song, and a clothing company; it is a movement dedicated to honoring God. But what if you don’t believe in God? Their single song is still worth listening to, even though I thought it would be a shot in the dark. In addition to selling clothing and praising their Lord, Prayze S.W.A.G. has created their music to reach out to “a generation that is influenced through popular culture, music, and fashion.” So yes, they are using their music to get their message across, which some might find seedy or even amoral, but Prayze S.W.A.G.’s music isn’t all about that. This band…movement…really believes what they preach and really wants to make the world a better place. What’s so wrong with that? On to their music.

The self titled track “Prayze S.W.A.G.” is a high energy song with strong beats and an interesting sound to say the least. Prayze S.W.A.G.’s intent is to provide a relevant message for which to praise God, and this truly comes out in their lyrics. S.W.A.G. actually stands for “Saved With A Gift.” Some say the gift of God’s grace, but I like to think it’s with the gift of music, which Prayze S.W.A.G. so brilliantly gives us. The effects in the song are fun, poppy, and the vocalist sings out the lyrics with pride and love. There are other vocalists who enter the song at certain points, but they rap together quite well and make a good, cohesive track together. The song has a high quality production sound and is worth listening to for all of you who are constantly praising things. Please enjoy: