Holly Lowery

Holly LoweryAn 80’s-goth atmospheric intro starts off “Beyond the Moon”, Holly Lowery’s first track on her ReverbNation music page. It’s like Depeche Mode meets Fleetwood Mac – and hey that’s a pretty lethal combination. Holly was got some serious guts and creativity with her layered synths and 80’s/Metal combinations. The melody for the song is engaging and somewhat “modern”, then distorted guitars and heavy drums keep this roller coaster truly going “Beyond the Moon”.

This is not “pop” music, it’s ballsy, hard rocking and moody new-age trance music.
You might also compare Holly Lowery to Trent Reznor, or some kind of devilish, insanely confident woman. The drums or drum programming (it’s hard to tell) are extremely precise and “heavy” as mentioned before. “Industrial” is a strange genre tag but it comes to mind here. The recordings leave a bit to be desired that might give Holly a more accessible polish to younger listeners.

Dark, heavy, strange and creative – Holly Lowery has got her style on lock-down.