Hana Dolgin

Hana DolginHer smooth, melodic and tasteful sax renditions will please many types of music fans – from casual to hardcore jazz-nerds. Hailing out of Miami Beach, Florida, Hana is hot in the music scene and seems capable of handling any event, venue or audience. With a catalog of standards and hip arrangements, she is definitely above-the-bar on the jazz scene.

“When I Fall In Love” is tastefully arranged with piano accompaniment, and indulges on a 7-minute improvisation, much to the listener’s pleasure. Dolgin’s chops are refined and put to elegant use. “Solar” is another jazz tune with a more upbeat feel and clear, singing tone from that sax. The recordings are pretty top notch, seemingly live, capturing the slight nuances and spins of each number.

If you search for Hana Dolgin on the website Gigsalad.com, you’ll also find some videos of her performing with a band. The group grooves hard, with a bad-ass drummer, keys, bass, and Hana on Alto-Sax. This kind of performance will win over even casual listeners with its super tight, spot-on execution.

From calm standards to full-band, audience-bobbing numbers, Hana Dolgin has got it all covered.