Men of Voice

Men of VoiceMen of Voice is a quartet of talented, spiritual guys who aren’t afraid to lay it down. They’ve got booming bass, a crisp heart-wrenching tenor, with the baritone and close harmonies covered as well. Checking out their live video on Youtube, (caught from an apparent family reunion church service) you can hear the Men swim in harmony and let their souls loose.

Alfonso Burton is the lead-belter and smooth singer in this video, making the group a powerhouse to be noticed. Men of Voice aren’t the youngest guys on the block – they won’t get the cover of Teen magazine, but the Lord is mysterious and the years have granted these fellows some excellent vocal chops. Not to say they’re “old” either – when Alfonso croons to God it is youthful and Eternal. The group is proudly Christian, with gospel and barbershop influences. “Lord I want you to save my soul, so that one day I will be free” will ring true with any soul-searcher, and the 4-part harmonies are lush.