Minister CH1 Funks Up Gospel Music In a Good Way

Minister CH1 ReviewMinister CH1 is a well rounded artist who does things for a higher power. “Get Up” is a bit funky for the Christian world. It’s definitely got this modern feel and makes it a cool beat for the church. You still have that modern twist with “Let’s Praise Him.” The delivery has this cool cat feel but with some soul undertones. In “Homies & P’s” you hear that Gospel in Minister CH1’s influence. It actually takes on an old school hip hop feel as well. Things kind of go the same way with “I Surrender My All.” Then “The Lord Is Coming Back” has this soul intertwined with funky mood to it. In the end you have a lot of great variety within the walls that Minister CH1’s music sits. All in all though it’s all for a good cause – the Lord. So if that’s what you’re into, check out Minister CH1 now. (