Russ Steele Smooths Out that Pop

Russ Steele ReviewRuss Steele is a pop rock artist from Brooklyn…Park that is in Maryland. “Sacred Geometry” is a very smooth pop song. It has this mature tone to it and just flows great. It definitely is one of those songs that allow it to be a calming mechanism. With “LulluBye for ‘J'” you get a soft vocal performance, hence the lullaby in the title. “Hold You In My Heart” reminds me and I’m sure will remind some of you of the soundtrack to Disney’s “Oliver & Company” – mostly the intro song. It has this Billy Joel vibe to it. Things pick up with “The End” a bit and then we round our time with Russ Steele with “Hole In The River.” It’s a great track that combines fine tuned playing with settled vocals. If you’re into the Piano Man with some rock, check out Russ Steele today. (