90’s Legends Converge for Dynamic and Uplifting Electronic Hit: Rising Artist DJ DMC Unveils New Single

With the release of his upcoming collaborative track “Stuntman Sez”, budding sensation DJ DMC is empowering listeners to keep pushing ahead and beating all odds that stand in their way.

Detroit, Michigan – May 28th, 2021 – An up-and-coming singer and songwriter, DJ DMC is a budding sensation who is driven to inspire and excite listeners with a dynamic new single titled “Stuntman Sez”, fortifying his position as a talented and motivated artist. The new single is set to become a fan favorite and is a memorable collaboration between DJ DMC, The Mad Stuntman, Reel 2 Real, General Levy, and Kid G from Proyecto Uno. A high-energy and electric composition, “Stuntman Sez” takes all listeners through a fiery and mesmerizing fusion of Electronic music.

Slated to release on 28th May 2021, DJ DMC’s new single is bound to bolster the artist as a true force to be reckoned with, in the riveting and rich world of Electronic music. The artist believes he was fortunate enough to be able to be introduced to The Mad Stuntman through traveling DJ’s and planned a fitting collaboration with The Mad Stuntman, along with General Levy and Kid G on the track.

“I feel very fortunate and honored that these 90’s legends wanted to work with me, I feel we have a fun catchy song that will lift people’s spirits,” says the rising artist about his new release.

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DJ DMC is a budding singer and songwriter, who is changing the landscape of Electronic music. The growing artist has faced numerous health challenges, but valiantly fought them, channeling his talents in music along the way. DJ DMC had an aneurysm clipping in 2019 and turned to music to help get him through depression. The artist created a “Straight Outta Brain Surgery” mix, using music as a conduit to voice his own views.

Showcasing his brilliance as a DJ since the early 90’s, DJ DMC’s debut song was made for sports, titled “Get it Hype in Here” with Mr. Mixx of the 2 Live Crew. After two major surgeries, the promising artist turned towards making music, with his first album called ‘Dance’ which he released for the world in late 2020. A prolific artist and producer, DJ DMC is now looking forward to working on original musical compositions, to follow up on his 2021.

Having collaborated with icons such as Mr. Mixx of the world-famous 2 Live Crew and Polo Frost, DJ DMC aims to soar to new heights. The artist is a strong proponent of giving back to people and spreading love and has volunteered with numerous charities such as the Stephen Tulloch Foundation and the Tim Tebow Foundation.




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