Texas Based Jesse & The Hogg Brothers Release New Album

There’s no exact science to crafting a new genre, but for some, the idea comes in the form of becoming a musical trailblazer. For every single type of music out there, for every single demographic, for every instrument or sound or vague concept that could ever possibly be put on a track and thrown onto a record, it seems like there’s a genre for it. With Jesse & The Hogg Brothers, their sound comes in the form of “CowPunk,” which is a subgenre of punk rock pioneered in the UK back in the late 70s before making its way to Southern California a few years later. There is a genre for every sound! Cowpunk bridges the wide gap between punk rock and country and allows for a wide breadth of creative license in true punk fashion. Jesse & The Hogg Brothers have made a name for themselves in this niche subgenre, using the space to maneuver through songs with an emphasis on comedy in their lyrical structure while providing dense, country-centric instrumentals.

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The impressive nature of Jesse & The Hogg Brothers maintaining their unique sound and image gives weight to the punk influence, and with their new album Get Hammered, there’s a certain attention to detail within the balance of country and punk that more or less carries the project across the finish line. Paying homage to their punk forefathers, there’s a distinct focus on humorous, off-kilter lyrical stylings. Using blatantly on-the-nose titles such as “She’s Done Gone to the Gittin’ Place,” the band seems to have a knack for parodying country sensibilities without ever coming across as patronizing.

Offering up a rockabilly approach akin to the world crafted by famed cult director John Waters and his creative partner in crime Divine, nothing is off-limits from the band as they muse on the state of America in the simply-titled tour/road trip track “America,” just as soon as they might cover a heartfelt ballad about passing gas in “Wait a Minute.” There’s no true method to the madness offered up by Jesse & The Hogg Brothers, but the incredible attempts are far too entertaining to listen to, regardless of the possibility of them hitting or missing. The dancehall “Hogg Tail Twist” offers a new dance for fans to bring with them to Hogg Brothers live shows, and the tongue-in-cheek approach remains airtight as “Love Buckets” plays next with the chorus wailing variations on the line “I don’t care when you eat buckets of Popeye’s cajun-fried!”

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Get Hammered is a brilliant continuation of the sounds already long-established for Jesse & The Hogg Brothers, and it’s without a doubt that future projects will only continue to double down on the extremely niche and extremely silly lyrical musings they’ve made their trademark. The revelation of hearing a grown man sing about farting before pivoting into giving his sweetheart an onion ring instead of a wedding ring was a landmark moment for me, personally, so the future of this band is something I’ll keep a close eye on.

Zachary Rush