Keith Burrows

Keith Burrows“Radio Song” is a kind of classic-rock, pop radio song as it proclaims, with lots of space in the vocals and kind of sparse, one guitar, bass and drum set up. The recording quality is decent, everything is rocking out and right on time, clean and present. The vocals are a bit Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan, and maybe Allman-ish in delivery, no auto-tune here, just plain and sometimes sung-spoken like Tom Petty.

Keith isn’t going to score hoards of teenage fans with his music, but he will likely gain the respect of his peers in the rock/alternative/songwriting genre. Noticeably absent in these studio recordings are any kind of “lead” or layered instruments. More melodic relief could be asked for, but super lyric-freaks and fans of Elliot Smith or even Nirvana may find something to love about Keith.

Iā€™m assuming Keith is on acoustic guitar, and his bandmates are pretty tight and creative. They give the songs support and accentuations, bringing life to the strumming with active arrangements. This is definitely a singer/songwriter here – no flashy riffs or star vocal runs, just pure authentic delivery.

“To Mom” is perhaps Keith’s strongest track, with a more alternative feel than the rest of his tunes. The tempo is quick, the bass is bumping and the snare is crisp.