Kip Traylor

Kip TraylorA mature, jazzed-out refined sound with strings, piano and classy vocals. “Make Your Move” has a funky groove, with a slight classic or Fleetwood Mac feel. The band is a bit bluesy without much flare, but they’re tight and in the zone. “Waiting For You” has similar funk-guitar and bass, blues kind of feel, which is almost a shame because Kip’s voice seems like it could have many styles hiding in there. She gets a bit belty, which is cool, but when the chorus of “Waiting For You” kicks in you kind of get the “bar band” feel – but hey, it’s got hot piano licks.

“Lonely Avenue” comes through strong, with cool harmonies and a believable blues feel. There is a sweet-ass sax also, which takes the song to a whole other level. “A Lot of Life to Live” is probably Kip’s strongest, most accessible song, inspiring and uplifting. The vocals here sound young and modern, as does the music – no more blues, just straight melody and cruising major chords -it’s awesome.

If you dig some underground, soul-funk-pop-blues then Kip Traylor is your girl. She can sing, belt, and melt your heart – all in the same song sometimes. Check out for access to a bunch of her songs, and links to buy the album, shows etc. Kip is pretty active in the music scene, she’s already established and waiting for listeners to find her.