Offchace Sidewalk Blends Quirky and Cool

Offchace Sidewalk Blends Quirky and CoolOffchance Sidewalk sounds like a mixture of Cake and Sublime. The quirk, deadpan way that Cake delivers his style intertwined with the laidback Southern California way most of the songs are incased are why that first sentence was written. When you have an Intro that is basically a phone ringing, that is a chance taken because who knows what that sound is today with ringtones and such? You have to take the chance and answer though to get to the good stuff. Pictures sounds like something you would hear at a Frat Party. It has this Asher Roth feel to it the entire time. Tonights Race takes the tortoise approach, for those who are familiar with the classic fable; it is slow and steady. Certainty is for those who frequent the Vans Warped Tour. It is lively and youthful. Benevolence circles back to the Cake aspect and Jesus Favorite Things is not only eye catching because of the title, but because of the lyrics as well. Can you picture Jesus taking in some Cocaine? Those who are uber-religious should go ahead and skip past that one. Offchance Sidewalk provides an interesting blend of genres that is for those who consider their selves musical risk takers.