Cassandra Llea

Something like Beyonce meets Gwen Stefani with a new school Ke$ha attitude. Cassandra Llea’s newest track “Problems” has some slick production and is beyond radio ready – it’s perhaps stronger than most songs you’ll find on a local pop radio station. Cassandra throws you for an impressive loop with her vocal diversity, she can sing, rap and taunt like no other. There’s also male vocals in the bridge and towards the end of the song that lend to the strength of production. This track is fast-paced, get up and dance, MTV culture, club-crashing, sing-along music.

From the hip-hop styled vocals it’s hard to tell what Ms. Llea’s ethnic origins are, that is until you check out her seductive video for “Creamin”. The song is overtly sexual, as is the video content, and the song has the ever-popular Auto Tune effect going on.

Cassandra Llea seems beyond confident and convinced she’s a star, and has teamed up with some talented people. She’s got no problem putting her swag in your face, and it’s likely that fans of pop/dance/hip-hop will lover her. Check out