ZevanyaCrazy electric-guitar driven gospel-dance rock with disco and hip-hop elements. Zevanya is “living life is his name” which is apparently why she’s so free to rock in an eclectic manner. “Free Indeed” boasts the truth and sounds like sonic freedom and creativity. The production is great, genre-bending, and perfectly showcases the singers vocal talent. It seems like Zevanya and crew go out of their way to cover all styles and genres – you are just as likely to hear a dissonant guitar riff, melodic vocal hook or hi-hat fueled beat in any given song.

“House of Forever Revelation 21 (Given U My Best)” is a wild, rapped and sung intense ode to the Holy Lord. The beat is epic, slow and banging, then with quick hi-hats and appropriate changes. “When Will U Be Ready” is an alternative-rock jammer to the core, complete with hugely distorted power chords and belting from the lovely Zevanya.

The drumming/programming, guitars, keyboards and all instruments are peculiarly well executed and seem to come from different musical worlds, yet collaborate and work together well. Her vocals are strong and unique, calling to mind everything from Whitney Houston to Missy-Elliot. Zevanya is well on the mission to saving some souls with this kind of impressive musical diversity.

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  • Carla Ondi

    Hi Zevanya, I tried to fiind you on facebook and youtube but couldn’t find you.

    Carla Ondi

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