Alabama Slammer

Alabama SlammerWritten by
Dylan Gallagher

With a sound like Drake and Kid Cudi, Nutso AKA Nutty B is an R&B, soul, and Hip Hop artist born in Washington D.C. and currently in Gadsden, Alabama. He has a free flowing rhyme style that works well with his voice. He mixes great effects with excellent beats that clearly shows his influences.

The song “Why Shit Jus Won’t Go Right” is a poppy, piano filled song with melancholic lyrics—a juxtaposition I always find rather interesting and fun. The piano piece is well written and well performed. The use of effects is my favorite part; whatever Nutso AKA Nutty B decided to use for those was an excellent choice. He talks about living in his car, his mother not loving him, and how the world is coming down upon him. Nutso has a self-pity about him in this song that really makes you feel sorry for the things that happened in his life. Eliciting any emotion from a listener with music shows a sign of a musician. The song “Hey Pretty Lady” is a more soothing, upbeat song about a pretty woman. You know, the type of girl whose hair you want to run your fingers through and that you want to lie close to you.

Other songs you will want to hear are “Mr. Solo-Dolo,” “Angels,” and his bit in “Leave Me Alone” a song by Dega Tripp.

If you are more interested in listening to more of Nutso AKA Nutty B’s phat beats, then check him out at his website. Go nuts here: