Female Rap Sensation is N-nasense

Female Rap Sensation is N-nasenseWritten by
Dylan Gallagher

N-nasense is more than impressive, not to mention a great rap hip-hop sensation that has a sound like Kanye West and a lyrical finesse like Jay-Z. N-nasense knows how to put together a good rap song, has excellent taste in beats, and writes honest, flagrant lyrics. N-nasense is definitely going to stay on my radar for a while, and I expect an album soon.

“I’m All Good” has an amazing, uplifting feel. The excellent beat and effects used in the song are striking. The piano chords used add a perfect layer to an already very textured song. The lyrics are amazing, as well. The song features Talbert E, who is a smart insertion to an already very talented song. The second song to hear is “I’m On It,” which is faster and a little angrier than “I’m All Good.” It’s more like N-nasense is on a mission to deliver us to an aural pleasure experience. She certainly delivers, and I have a strong feeling she’s going to go places. Her talent is unprecedented and her music is of professional quality.

All of N-nasense’s music is available on iTunes and Amazon. The EP has a grand total of three songs on it, so it is an easy listen. N-nasense’s voice is great, and worth the whole ten minutes it takes to hear her music. Stop reading this review and go listen to N-nasensenow! Hit up her website here: