Misters Mojo Rizin

Misters Mojo RizinWritten by
Dylan Gallagher

People have been waiting for it, and now the time has come. Consisting of Chris Will (vocals, guitars, bass, keyboards, banjo, mandolin), Randy Von Moll (bass, vocals), Geoff Woem (guitar, keyboards), Tim Ramos (vocals, congas, percussion, acoustic guitar), and Jim Murphy (drums, vocals), Mojo Rizin comes out of Cincinnati. They’re ready for the rock and roll world, in my opinion, because they seem to have mastered the fun, arena rock sound, kind of like a tamer version of Van Halen. The band has released two separate albums: Keep On Rizin and Brass Pole. What I like about Mojo Rizin is that they don’t shy away from the heavy rock. With solos that melt faces and drum beats that will crack your bones, Mojo Rizin is a force of nature, and I’m not sure if anyone can hold them back any longer. These guys seem to be going somewhere, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they received a record deal soon. I can dream, right?

The Mojo Rizin song Run For Your Life is an excellent, intense rock song with killer guitar, steady drums, and powerful vocals. The lyrics are hauntingly sung, and they are filled with raw emotion. The bass does a sweet job of keeping a steady rhythm. The ballad Lay It On The Line is a slower song, but you still cannot help but bang your head. The harmonies within Lay It On The Line are probably my favorite part because they really illustrate the gravity and emotion of the lyrics. This band really knows how to have a great time and rock out, so do not miss out.

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