Christopher Siu Covers The Basics

Christopher Siu Covers The BasicsChristopher Siu is a singer/songwriter who can handle cover songs, but is much more and proves it with originals. “Good To You” is a cover of a Marianas Trench cover done with the assistance of the piano. Christopher puts a lot of his heart into it as the piano glides. The covers don’t stop there, oh no Christopher takes on former Disney stars as well. Demi Lovato is a powerhouse and when Christopher Siu steps up to the plate, he softens things on “Nightingale.” He then goes for a rock cover with Simple Plan’s “Lose of the Year.” It actually sounds like an acapella group. Then there are originals like “That Day” which is about heartbreak, and “Eighteen,” a song that makes toe tap with its upbeat demeanor. Both songs prove that Christopher Siu can do more than just cover songs. He can take his own words and make them sing alongs as well. If you’re into soft pop music, check out Christopher Siu. (