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Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – September 17, 2019 – Chuck Anderson has almost half a century of experience to his name, and one would think he’d be tired of making music. Those would be wrong. He’s still going strong with 14 original new songs on his latest release, Chuck Anderson Original Jazz Works.

Back in 1974 when disco was all the rage, Chuck Anderson was focusing on the timeless sounds of jazz. A style that never well, goes out of style. Then he teamed up with Al Stauffer (bass) and Ray Deeley (drums) for the debut, Mirror Within a Mirror. After a few years, the guys went their separate ways. All the while Chuck kept his engines running and in 2011 he hooked up with a new bassist and drummer; Eric Schreiber and Ed Rick. Together they focused on the basics, that pure instrumental jazz that takes listeners to a myriad of places. Over the years they’ve done everything from originals to the classics and have even tossed in some Blues and Latin notes in the mix.

In recent years Chuck Anderson got to thinking, and what he came up with was an idea to make an album that featured his 1974 and current trio. After the wheels started turning, out came 14-original tracks that would later be Chuck Anderson Original Jazz Works.

Those interested in adding new jazz to their playlists, reviewing Chuck Anderson Original Jazz Works, or interviewing Chuck Anderson about his 45-year career can reach out via the information provided below.

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Chuck Anderson has been a part of two trios. One in 1974 and one today. He decided to put on a record that features both and the result was Chuck Anderson Original Jazz Works.

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