Chuck Sadosky Has Heart

Chuck Sadowsky ReviewChuck SadoskyWe start this off with Chuck Sadosky’s instrumental “The Walk.” It’s an easygoing song, one you’d hear in a movie about family set in the 70’s. It has that aura to it. In “Dreamer” we hear his vocals and they have a comforting ease to them. With “Direction Unknown” his voice takes on a new feel. It’s no longer calming, but has more of an edge to it. Like he’s hurt and really feeling something deep. Things take sort of a psychedelic turn with “Attitude” as far as the music is concerned, while “Tears” has more of a foot to stand on. Like he’s not feeling down in this one. If you’re a fan of singer-songwriters who put their heart in their music, check out Chuck Sadosky now. (