Weather the Storm with Ara

Ara ReviewComing from Fort Lauderdale, Florida is a up and coming artist by the name of Ara. She’s got a great, soulful voice and she’s ready to go from the Sunshine State to the rest of the world. In “Storm” she takes us back to the 90’s with a Brandy-like feel. It’s got a nice balance between R&B and pop going on to please both sides of the story. We hear a total different side of Ara with “Love Wasted.” Here she’s a singer-songwriter with a light delivery with an acoustic touch of magic that would compare her to the likes of Angel Taylor. Plugged is, she continues singing about love with “Paradise,” while the beat is laid down on “On Closed Eyes.” What I love about Ara is that she has a lot of sides, and she’s versatile in what she can do. If you like your singers with a lot of variety, check her out today! (