Eric Canto; I Paint, I Paint You, I Paint You

Eric Canto ReviewEric Canto could be your next favorite Warped Tour headliner with “I Paint You, I Paint You, I Paint You.” “Art” kicks off this record and it really makes a statement. It’s power pop at its finest without a word. Then the pop punk comes in as “Beach Lost” does what pop punk does best – kicks up the energy on top of lyrics that have heart and meaning. It’s interesting because usually music like this comes from a band, but this is a solo endeavor and by no means is the lack of a band discrediting the music or the quality. Just an note to point out as I listen to “Graduate” on repeat. He takes a little side road with “Lowe’s Shortcut,” sounding more like The Ready Set instead of Yellowcard. It’s definitely something you’d hear streaming at a Hot Topic in between All Time Low and Black Veil Brides. If you’re a fan of modern day pop punk and pop rock, check out Eric Canto’s “I Paint You, I Paint You, I Paint You,” out now! (