Gary Johnson Takes You on a Musical Journey

gary-johnson-reviewGary Johnson’s music speaks on many levels of emotion without saying a word. “Precious Moments” is an instrumental vacation. It’s a calm day in the winter with it’s light moments paired with the somber undertones. It’s like a peak of sun hitting the snowcapped mountain top as you sit and watch from the cabin window embraced by the warmth of your fire inside. The piano takes you there and Gary is the conductor for this joyous musical escape. If you’re into instrumental music, especially of the ivory variety, check out Gary Johnson’s “Precious Moments.” If you need more, then you’ll have to get his record “Lucid Dreams.” It includes music that is more or less like the above. Songs like “Awakening,” “Swingset” and “Dreams” are just the tip of the iceberg that is Gary Johnson. If this music appeals to you, check out both “Precious Moments” “Lucic Dreams” now. (