Ria Rosae Raises the Bar

ria-rosae-reviewRia Rosae is a skilled R&B artist with EP full of tracks that’ll make you feel audibly good and a few extras just because. “Changes” is a song about falling hard in love and not understanding why. It seems like one that everyone, male or female, can relate to. “Always Love You” has lighter music than the last. Sounding like a spring day, this one continues to showcase the soul in Ria’s voice. Things get super for “Superwoman,” while she keeps it real with “Along Tonight.” It takes a line from Jay Z, but remains one of the best from this up and coming R&B talent. Then she ups the game with a cover of The Fugees’ “Ready or Not.” If you’re into the vocal stylings of Monica and Mary J. Blige, check out Ria Rosae.  (https://dreamzintogoals.com/artist/riarosae/)