Trauma Romeo Makes You Move

Trauma-Romeo-reviewTrauma Romeo is an eccentric artist from LA who mixes together the world of dance, electronic and rock to create something that’s all his own. “Retrograde Stripper” isn’t at all what you expect when you see Trauma Romeo. It’s more a electronic track from the helms of the early ’00s. No matter when it sounds like, it’d be a club staple thanks to the energy it emits throughout. “If I Were You” is a trip to the ’80s. It sounds like the love child of industrial rock and dance music. One could probably hear “Heartset Radio” on tour with Mindless Self Indulgence. It’s not as shock rock dance as them, but it’s got enough energy to hold its own. Then it boils down to “Conrad.” This one is unlike the others in that it doesn’t start off with this in your face beat, but rather plays like a strongly sung song. If you like his dance more, then don’t worry — there’s more of that. So check out Trauma Romeo now. (