Catch the Heat of Freddy Traxx Beats

Freddy Traxx Beats ReviewFreddy Traxx Beats takes us back and then to today with his beats. “Deadly Rhythm” has this old school soul feel but at the same time, intertwines it with electronic touches that takes you into 2016. In “Stalker” the repetition makes you get lost in it, but at the same time – you’re waiting for something else to make it pop. You get a little variety in the pace of “Bad Dope,” as it has a little more life to it. “Dream Piano” sounds daunting, like music you’d h’ear during a movie when the rain was coming down hard and the main character had just heard bad news. If you’re an emcee looking to collaborate, or a movie maker looking to set the mood – check out what Freddy Traxx Beats has up his sleeve today. (